30 November 2014

Things I Like

  • Green-rhinestone necklaces
  • Raspberry hamantaschen
  • Very white girls wearing lots of blush
  • Seeing a tree with edible fruit on it
  • Rooms with colored walls and white furniture
  • Caves of any size
  • Canopy beds (especially if the netting or curtains close)
  • Christmas lights like vines on the ceilings of rooms
  • Artex
  • Dollhouse furniture with opening drawers
  • Looking out at the sea
  • Jumping on a trampoline
  • Dogs who like people more than anything else
  • Banjo music
  • A hamster running in its ball
  • The smell of rain coming through a window from outside
  • Finding an eggshell from a wild bird on the ground
  • Seeing eggs in a nest
  • Crabapple trees with chartreuse leaves and red-violet fruit
  • Bubbles in the air
  • Things chalked on sidewalks
  • The magical patterns drawn by 17th-century alchemists
  • Ball pythons curled up in a cinnamon-roll shape
  • Cats tucked neatly up into loaves
  • The smell of crayons
  • Witty graffiti
  • Vocal harmony

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